Formed in 1999, SkyQuest International, LLC is a global aircraft sales and acquisition firm specializing in regional aircraft. We also provide aircraft appraisals and valuations to financial institutions, operators, and commercial aircraft pricing guides on a regular basis. The company’s global scope and consistent success have led many industry professionals to regard SkyQuest International as a leader among aircraft remarketing firms.

The success of our company depends on our company values and the characteristics of our team:
  • Experience – Each sales team member has years of individual experience in aviation and sales. We alleviate the challenges and roadblocks associated with acquiring and selling aircraft.
  • Ability – We can quickly qualify prospects and systematically close the deal which allows our clients to maintain focus on their core business. We analyze market trends, availability, and pricing to secure the best aircraft for you.
  • Structure – Incorporating a database of over 60,000 aviation contacts worldwide we keep our listings in front of the marketplace through targeted direct marketing and global advertising. Our internal processes are consistent, precise and always optimized for better results.
  • Teamwork – SkyQuest is not a “one-man-band.” Our team works together to provide solutions to any issue or challenge.
  • Proactive – We are not waiting for the phone to ring. We always follow-up with a personal telephone call to every client and inquiry.
  • Integrity – We are committed to providing mutually beneficial transactions.
  • Accessibility – If you need us, you can reach us. A member of the SkyQuest team is always a phone call away.
SkyQuest International Commercial Aircraft Sales Office

SkyQuest International is your on-demand aircraft sales force.

You can choose to use us as you need or you can partner with us to have our team at your disposal for an extended period of time. We currently maintain a partnership with many aviation organizations and companies. And the relationship that comes out of that partnership makes us even more successful and effective in providing quick solutions to your aircraft needs. And we provide those solutions on a success-basis only. By doing so, we share the risk in the transaction. That way, you know how dedicated we are to your success.

Our Team

Greg Melang

President & CEO

Greg founded SkyQuest International in 1999. He has been very active in aviation since the late 1970’s and in aircraft sales since the late 1980’s. Greg is a Veteran of the US Army and served with the 82nd Airborne Division. He graduated with Honors from Florida Tech and has a BS in Aviation Management. Greg is a Commercial Pilot with an ATP rating who loves to fly the company Bonanza and the Quest KODIAK. He maintains a very active role in marketing and sales as well as managing SkyQuest on a day to day basis.

Jeff Melang

Executive Vice President & Accredited Senior Aircraft Appraiser (ASA)

Jeff has over 30 years experience in commercial aviation and sales including his work with Piedmont Airlines, USAir and British Airways. Jeff joined SkyQuest as partner and Executive Vice President in 2000 and has a proven track record for success. Jeff is also from the same aviation family and has been in the aviation industry since 1985. His career began with Piedmont Aviation in reservations and ticketing. He was quickly promoted to District Sales in Cleveland, Ohio as a Sales Representative. From there he went to British Airways as a Cargo Customer Service Manager and then promoted to Cargo Account Manager in 1995 and promoted again to Regional Sales Manager the following year. Jeff attended the University of North Carolina and Cleveland State University majoring in Business Administration. Jeff is also a Senior Aircraft Appraiser having passed the 15-hour National USPAP Course taught by an ASB-certified National USPAP instructor and has been professionally appraising Aircraft for over 15 years.

Tammy Melang

Chief Financial Officer

Tammy, Co-founder of SkyQuest International, LLC, has been in aviation since 1983. Tammy began her career with Piedmont Aviation as an Operations Clerk for the Fixed Base Operations and later as the Office Manager for Piedmont’s Flight Training Department. During her tenure with Piedmont she gained her private pilot’s license and was the FAA Written Text Examiner for pilots. Tammy developed SkyQuest’s proprietary database as well as the marketing and reporting applications. She handles all of the accounts payable/receivables along with human resource duties.

Rick Perry

Director of Sales & Marketing

Rick joined the SkyQuest team in early 2016 to manage SkyQuest International’s digital marketing and lead generation programs. Rick brings over 25 years of online marketing, graphic design and technical experience to the SkyQuest team from a variety of industries and markets including consumer electronics, luxury retail, enterprise software and education.

Matthew Melang

Database Specialist

Matthew started with SkyQuest in 2016 and is responsible for maintaining and optimizing our customer database, data entry processes, coding and operating procedures… all while attending school to get a degree in programming.

Contact a member of our sales team today with any questions about how SkyQuest International can help you. Our office number is 1-336-722-1616 with office hours of 8 am – 5pm, Monday through Friday.